Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still here - barely

Last week was hell week for me. Preparations for Koobraey always take up most of my waking hours until it's over. Saturday I went to Amarillo in search of something to wear for Koobraey. I found a dress at JC Penny's but it wasn't on sale as I originally thought and I didn't want to pay $60 for a dress that I wouldn't wear more than once or twice. So I went to Dillards instead and I found a dress I liked that was only $29 on sale. It was really pretty. On Sunday, my staff and I worked on putting together the props and such. On Monday, I had to go with the speech team to the Student Congress competition in Lubbock. Since I was on the committee, I was responsible for putting much of it together. In the end, I was the one to check all the ballots, input the scores, type the winners up, and then enter the scores for every student's speeches. Although there were two other people on the committee, they didn't seem to have a clue as to what to do so it was left all up to me. We had a late supper before heading home from Lubbock and I didn't get to bed until a little before midnight. The next day I had to go to school and deal with the last day of voting for Koobraey. We continued to decorate the stage and get things ready for Koobraey. I weighed in that day and though I hadn't lost any more weight, I didn't gain either. I knew it would be a bad week for weighing - especially with that later supper. I stayed up at the school until about 8:00 working that evening.
Wednesday was spent tabulating the votes (luckily that was easy as we used scantron sheets that were fed through a machine that counted them for me.) Several of the acts came and practiced and I started working on the script. I left by 7:30 and worked on the script that evening but didn't get finished because I was too tired. On Thursday (the day of Koobraey), I spent all day typing my script. (I basically ignored my classes.) I did all the last minute things preparing for the show and didn't get ready until 5:45 (the show started at 7:00). Ultimately, everything went very well. I got the show to run under two hours which was great. It ran smoothly and one of the toughest teachers in our school gave me a very nice compliment saying that it was the best and most well run Koobraey she had ever seen. (And she's been there for about 30 years.) I do want to make some changes for next year, but overall I was very pleased with how it came out. We raised about $2230 in money and had about 776 people there. (The auditorium seats about 940 so it was a fairly full house.)
On Friday, I had to do some work for the speech tournament. Although I wasn't oficially in charge this year, I did help out by downloading the software and getting all the information entered. I did that until about 8:00 on Friday. Yesterday I was headed to the school by 6:20 in the morning. I picked up some donuts on the way. (And I was bad by eating two of them) The tournament ran very well. It was on time which is always good and my ex-husband and his new girlfriend came up to judge. My students thought that it would be really awkward for me, but it wasn't. I'm still on friendly terms with him and his girlfriend seemed very nice. I'm glad he's happy and that's it.
Now this morning I'm heading out to church soon and I have a full day ahead. I have a million papers to grade, a ton of laundry to do, a book to read for grad school, and possibly an Academic decathlon meeting at the school. Acadec is next week and I'll be gone to Lubbock Thursday-Sunday. I wonder if things will ever slow down!
I'm down two pounds this week which is good because I've been eating horribly. My exercise machine arrived on Thursday but I haven't really gotten to use it. I set it up Friday evening and played a bit but I still have more pieces to assemble.
Well, I better go get dressed for church.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, halcyonic days ... :) My congratulations - the event went smooth and well! Tournament went well! Hey!

Anonymous said...

I had to learn about the "Academic Decathlon" - such a thing is unknown here.

Leann said...

As usual you make me tired just reading of all the activities you are into. Geesh girlfriend :-)