Saturday, January 09, 2010

For Andrew

I am going to try to blog more often but I can't make any promises! Grad school hasn't started yet so I'm not going totally insane yet. I'm blogging this morning because it means I can procrastinate on cleaning the extra bedroom and I'm all about doing something other than cleaning. Andrew asked me a few questions in a comment and I wanted to respond to those:

What guy's are you talking to online these days? Your dating life always interests me and makes for good blog posts.
The only guys I talk to online right now are Marty and a local guy that keeps asking me out. The local guy is one that I've talked to online for about five years now. I gave him several opportunities to meet me and go on a "date" of sorts but something always seemed to come up and it never happened. So I stopped giving him chances, but I've continued to talk to him. I did finally meet him in person this summer. He has experience in tiling floors and he came to look at my kitchen floors and give me advice on tile. He's offered to do the work as well, but I'm not going to hold my breath. He's recently divorced and still wants to take me out. I've told him I'm not interested in him romantically but he keeps asking. I might go to dinner with him as friends at some point, but I'm certain he's not someone I would "date."

Met any good guys lately?
Not at all. I gave up on eharmony after the Thomas fiasco. I only joined because I had a really good coupon deal. Right now I'm on but I'm about to pull the plug on my subscription. I've gotten nothing from it. I did email a guy about rollercoasters and we responded back and forth a few times, but he lives in Indiana and isn't interested in anything long distance - though he did give me his phone number. I never called. I gave him my number and he never called me either.
I think I need to just focus on other things besides dating right now. I guess if it is in the cards for me, it will happen. It still frustrates me because I love being in a relationship, but perhaps it just isn't the right time.
I have thought about starting a singles group at my church, but I just don't have the time right now and I don't know if there would be any interest. I wouldn't do it for the purpose of dating, but it would be nice to be able to socialize with other Catholic singles from time to time. If my schedule ever gets to a point where I don't have to focus on homework and lesson plans every night then I might consider doing something.

And also, your paraphrasing of your IM conversations with sex obsessed guys was always hilarious. Had any of those lately? Those guys sound so ignorant and dumb. It's hilarious!
Nope, no weird conversations like that. I do have several in my archives though, I might post a few. I think that since yahoo changed the way profiles are handled on their service, I don't get any of those kinds of people. You can't just randomly IM someone you don't know. I did get one request on catholicmatch that was from a guy that was obviously not who he said he was, but I just ignored it.

I guess maybe I haven't been blogging so much because there just isn't much blog fodder. Nothing interesting is happening right now. But since Andrew still loves my mundane life, I'll try to post more often.

Today's agenda is to clean the house. I have a renter moving in on Monday. I need to get the craft room cleaned out, put a bed frame together, buy curtains and new light fixtures. I guess I better quit procrastinating and get busy. I had breakfast. (One of the things I'm trying to make sure I do with my new "diet") I'm going to pour myself a large glass of iced tea (sweetened with splenda) and get crackin'!


Andrew said...

I just adore your "mundane" life. Actually, your life is pretty hectic compared to mine. Long gone are the days I was drinking and hanging out down at the shopping center. Anyways, thank you for this. I hope you don't think I am some stalker blog fiend. It's just that my only window to your life is through your blog and I consider you a good, good friend! Have fun at church today and enjoy your Sunday afternoon.


Summer said...

Like Andrew, I like reading about your life too. I still don't know how you do it ALL!

Leann said...

Ditto! I enjoy reading what's going on in your life no matter what it is or how mundane. Keep it up when you have time :-)