Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going, going, going

I wish I had the energy of the energizer bunny, but I still have to keep going regardless. I spent the day working creating Koobraey tickets. I numbered 945 tickets on the computer. I also did research on when it officially started. I think we finally narrowed it down to the year 1959 when it was officially called "Koobraey" (which is yearbook spelled backwards, by the way). They have had awards of some kind, however, since 1925 that we know of.
I'm still staying within my calorie range so far despite having Sonic for dinner. I had enough calories left for supper that I could get a cheeseburger with mustard ad a medium order of tater tots. It was quite yummy. I think I'm still losing weight so far. One of my assistant principals asked me today if I had lost weight. Maybe it's showing?? I didn't think that 5 lbs would really show.
Tonight I'll watch American Idol again and go to bed early. I need to get to school early to print the Koobraey tickets and then I'm going with a group of seniors on a trip to WT tomorrow.


mago said...

*hits head on table for not realizing yearbook-reversal*

Leann said...

Thank you for explaining the yearbook reversal because I was thoroughly confused :-)

Congrats on the weight loss!! I'll be you are reshaping as you are losing and that is what was noticed. Amazing what just a little bit will do :-) Keep up the good work!