Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 1

I came home with a headache today. I didn't have a coke and I could feel the repercussions of it this afternoon. I did o.k. eating-wise, but could probably do better. I need to exercise, but I feel so exhausted when I get home that I just can't motivate myself. It's probably a catch-22 - if I exercised more, I wouldn't as tired, but I'm too tired to exercise. I need to finish cleaning the extra bedroom and the house, but it's just not going to happen tonight. My brain and body is just too tired. I don't want to focus on anything right now. I can't work on school stuff. I don't want to clean. Honestly, I just want to curl up in bed and play some scrabble, watch t.v. and call it an early night. Which is probably what I'll do when I finish this.

I had to call a parent today. I never call parents, but this kid just really pushed my buttons today. Everything was an argument. I just got tired of it. The mom was nice and I guess she'll talk to him. If it continues tomorrow, then I'm just going to send him to the office.

I weighed in for the biggest loser challenge. I'm going to actually tell you my weight. Can you believe that? A woman disclosing her weight on a blog for all to see? I figure that I might as well put it out there and make myself accountable for all of this. Today's weight was 193 1/2 pounds. My goal is to lose 20 pounds by the end of the contest mid-march, but ultimately lose about 40-45 pounds. Wish me luck because I certainly need it.

I still want to join a fitness center of sorts but I can't decide which one. I would love to swim, but the one's in town don't have pools and I would have to drive to Amarillo. It's just one more thing to make a decision about.

I had my 100 calorie ice cream dessert so I'm going to have some water and put the pj's on and get in bed. The bitter cold wind that the weathermen predicted is coming in fast and the temperature is dropping. I'm going to snuggle under the covers in my heated waterbed.


Leann said...

I wish you all the luck on this endeavor. Perhaps you will motivate me to join in from afar :-) So far I've tried to exercise each night when I get home. And I mean by try, well I think really hard about it :-)

Anonymous said...

Water, juices without sugar, vegetables and salats but not with the ultrafat all mayonnaise Cesar-dressing - there are a lot of things that taste well and reduce the intake of calories. And maybe you can have real bread? It takes some days until the stomach gets used to it and shrinks a little, but after that it goes on well. Just make sure to drink enough water or tea. I am sure you will do that successfull.

~Vital~ said...

Maybe take a fitness course at the local community college. Ours has some pretty fun classes like belly dancing, yoga...Just remember to do low impact and something you enjoy. The goal is to keep doing it and not over whelm yourself and end up quiting. I learned that in nutrition class and it kinda made sense. Good luck, I'm hoping to lose 20lbs myself by the end of this semester.