Monday, January 11, 2010

Mostly Accomplished

I got most of the cleaning done. The guest room is quite lovely with new curtains, bed, bedspread - the works! The living room is clean as well as the kitchen (except for the floor). My bedroom looks like a disaster area, but I'll eventually get to it. Laundry is an ongoing pile. Work is overwhelming in preparation for Koobraey. I got a resolution on the issue with the student nominations. They have been officially removed from the ballots.
I weighed in today for the biggest loser challenge and I was down 5 lbs. It's probably a little bit of a fluke. When I weighed last week, it was after a heavy lunch and I wore heavier clothing, but I think I am down a little regardless. I've been carefully tracking the calories I eat. It has been rather eye opening. I do need to add some exercise soon.
My new tenant moved in this evening. I only got to speak to her for a few minutes before I left for rehearsal tonight. Band rehearsal went well but we're playing some really difficult stuff and right now I'm the only 3rd clarinet.
I registered for my classes today and they start in a week. Now it is a matter of getting through the next two weeks. This is officially the start of insanity. My classes are going to work on stuff that they can do on their own without a lot of extra help from me.
I have to say that I love having a DVR. Since Chuck coincides with band rehearsal, I set it to record while I was gone. I just watched it and I can fast-forward through the commercials. How awesome is that!
Well, gotta get to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

Disaster area ... that will clear when you have to climb over things :) I re-arranged some furniture in my appartement and am very happy with the new look - and some newly won space - ha! I will even be able to use my stereo!