Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day!

For some reason when the weathermen claim that we're going to get snow, I generally don't believe it. But they were right this time. I spent hours yesterday preparing sub plans because we were supposed to leave to go to a competition in Lubbock. The competition doesn't start until tomorrow. We're hoping we'll be able to leave to make it there in time. Unless it is canceled, which would be o.k. with me, except that they might reschedule it when we have another major competition for speech.
At least maybe I can finish reading the book today. I don't know if you've read A Tale of Two Cities, but it is difficult to get through. It's not grabbing me yet and I'm on page 85. I also need to start reading my grad school books. I haven't gotten myself motivated to start working on assignments yet, but I think I've chosen a topic for my research paper in one of my classes. I think I want to do the effect of technology on literacy. We get to post our topic choices at 7:00 tonight so I've alarms set on my phone to remind me. Though last time I was late in choosing my topic, I ended up actually liking it and thought that it was one of the "easier" topics.
I was called by a student this morning to tell me that school was canceled just before 6:00 a.m. I never got my "official" call from school. Well, I guess I'll try to make the most of it - or it might just be a very lazy day. So far it's the latter. Here's a pic of the back yard.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's how it is looking here too. A tale of two cities is by Dickens - ? No I have not read it. By Dickens I only know some travel writing (Italian voyage) and some of his newspaper articles; didn't he once work as stenographer in the parliament? I remember that someone describes how the old(er) Dickens, when he had friends for a visit and the discussion became lively, still used kind of fast writing - steno - to keep track with the arguments. Pre 1789 Europe - no nations, no republics, interesting people, if I could jump the time machine I'd beam mself to Prague 1580.
Stay in the warm, tonight we will have more than minus 14° Celsius here.

Leann said...

Lucky you~ Beautiful pictures. Enjoy the day and read your book. That's the firs thing I did after getting out of bed this morning. Curled up in my recliner with a book and read. Nice start to the day. I don't think I've ever read 'a tale of two cities'. Good luck with it :-)