Sunday, January 10, 2010

Slow Going.... but going

Yesterday was productive mostly. I got the extra room cleaned out and curtains made. I need to put the bed together, make the bed, hang curtains, and it will be good to go. Of course in cleaning out that room, I made much bigger messes in other rooms where I put a bunch junk that was in there. I lost half a day though because I had to go to church yesterday instead of today. I went to confession because I missed a Holy Day of Obligation last week and then I played at the 5:00 Mass. Then my brother called and gave me a very last minute invite to my nephew's birthday party at Mr. Gatti's pizza. I came home and asked Josh if he wanted to go. He did, so we ran by Walmart to pick up a present, but I also got a comforter set for the guest room. We ate the pizza buffet (I think I was good - had two small slices of pizza, small amount of spaghetti, a large salad with lowfat dresssing and water to drink. I had to guess on the calories but I think I was close to my daily alotment. Afterwards we went to Lowe's and bought new light fixtures for the house. My brother will come over today to install them - or at least get started.

Today I have to clean the rest of the house and go to town to get a few things. I should get started or I'll be up all night. I'll have to wait until it is much warmer before I hit the garage. (Sorry Summer :)

To answer Mago's question - yes, mockery is the appropriate word for the issue with the voting. The students nominated others that they would be making fun of.

Well off to get stuff done. I need some music going I think.


Anonymous said...

Here maybe an inspiration for food.

(WV: dierfood (!))

diz the wind said...

I like it.

diz the wind said...
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