Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Brief Internet Connection

The hotel charges for internet in the rooms and I'm too cheap to pay $12 a day for a connection. I may be addicted, but not desperate. And I do have my iPhone so I've been keeping up with goings on with Facebook and checking email. But we got a code to be able to use the internet in one particular area of the hotel. I tried to get connected earlier today, but it didn't work. But discovered that the text sent by my co-teacher with the code was auto-corrected. So now I have the code and some down time, so I figure that it is a good time to update.

I'm posting via blogger rather than using live writer since I brought my macbook instead of my home laptop. I much prefer live writer. I needed the macbook in order to work on a project using InDesign.

I was thrilled to get a comment from Andrew. I know he reads daily, but I appreciate it so much when he comments. Of course I appreciate my other few commenters, but it's been a while since I've heard from Andrew.

I didn't get the job that I interviewed for locally last week. I didn't expect to, and the message left by the principal was very complimentary. So I'm still looking. I decided to go ahead and consider San Antonio if they are still interested. I put my principal down as a reference. Don't know how he'll feel about that, but I would hope he would understand my position. I also sent my last three evaluations so we'll see if they bite. I told them that I would be down in the area next week if they wanted to interview me.

Tournament is going fine so far. I'm concerned about my judging assignment tonight. We have tickets to go see the musical Spamalot which should be entertaining, but I may not be able to get there in time if I have to judge a round at 6:00.

Last night we went to the West End. We had dinner at the spaghetti warehouse. I was relatively lame and just had the spaghetti with meatsauce. But it is my favorite food so I don't care. It was good and the strawberry lemonade was really delicious. Then we walked around because they were having a "street party" for the students. They had some karaoke, street performers, vendors and such. We walked over to Dealy Plaza, the JFK memorial, and that's about it. We ride the DART train which makes it convenient. I would recommend it if staying in downtown Dallas for an extended period of time.

So I guess that's it in a nutshell. Hotel is pretty nice but some rooms are much smaller than others. Luckily I'm in one of the larger rooms which is good having a roommate. But some of the competitions take place in a room cleared of the bed and it doesn't work very well. It's pretty cold because they keep the air up way too high for my comfort. Glad I brought a jacket, but I wish I had socks on right now. I may walk outside for a bit just to defrost.

Don't know if I will have anything interesting to post tomorrow, but I should be able to get back online at least and read everyone else's postings.

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