Monday, June 20, 2011

I’m home

It’s been a very long trip, but glad to be home even if it is only for two days.  I had a good time at Six Flags yesterday.  It was hot and exhausting though.  I did get to ride five coasters and added two more to my count.  I’ve now ridden 159 different coasters. 

While I was in Dallas, San Antonio ISD called to schedule an interview.  I was able to work it out so I can do it when I go to Austin for the family trip this week.  I fly into Austin on Wednesday and then I’ll be driving down to San Antonio to interview late that afternoon.  Josh and I are going to go back to SA either Thursday or Friday and go to Sea World. 

I did get to see Spamalot on Tuesday and it was awesome.  If you like Monty Python at all, you would love it.  Even though I’m not sure about the possibility of moving to a big city, I think it would be great to be able to go to shows and concerts and such that would be more readily accessible. 

Tomorrow (well, today since it is after midnight) I have to do tons of laundry and start packing for the trip to Austin.  I have another application to fill out as well.  At this point, ANY library job is looking good to me.


63mago said...

Welcome back!

Andrew said...

Glad you're back. Now for all the juicy gossip about your trip. I really am glad you are home safe.