Monday, June 20, 2011

Shopping Day

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning.  I didn’t get out of bed until after 10:00.  I took my time getting ready.  I had to call my insurance agent because I either didn’t receive or couldn’t find my most recent auto insurance card.  Since I’m renting a car in Austin, I thought I might need to have a copy of it.  So he emailed me a copy. 

I headed to the mall around 2:00 in hopes of finding something new to wear for my interview.  I didn’t find anything that I loved and I tried on a bunch of stuff.  I was also looking for comfortable black shoes or sandals to wear when I go to Sea World.  I finally found some sketcher shape up sandals that I liked at Shoe Carnival.  They cost me $60 but hopefully they will tone my butt as advertised.  They are very cushioned so I think they should be good for walking around the park all day.

While I was in Dallas, I got to meet a high school friend of mine that I lost contact with for about 7 years.  We were really good friends starting in junior high when we rode the same bus to school.  He was in band and just an all around nice guy.  Unfortunately, he got into a relationship with the absolutely wrong person for him and he didn’t see it until many years later.  Many of us in high school could see that the girl was trouble, but I think he was thinking with other parts of his anatomy rather than his brain at the time.  He finally realized she was as he now says “psycho” after 15 years.  I caught up with him shortly after he divorced about 7 years ago.  At that time I wasn’t really dating at the time and he seemed interested, but shortly thereafter started the Marty saga.  Rodney (the friend) went back under the radar and I hadn’t talked to him since shortly after Marty and I dated the first time.  On whim, I looked him up on facebook a few weeks ago and I found him.  He lives near Dallas so we met for lunch while I was there.  He married again a few years ago and divorced about a year ago.  He now has two young kids (5 & 3) and has full custody of them.  I had a crush on him at one point shortly after high school.  I think I finally realized that he was a nice guy and I hated the fact that he had fallen for a horrible person, but by the time I developed an interest, it was too late.  Oh well.  And now, I just don’t see us together.  I am glad, however, that we’ve gotten in touch again.  I have missed his friendship. 

I’m hoping to see Marty while I’m in Austin but he hasn’t responded to my texts or phone calls.  I can’t figure out if he is busy with work or if he is just being an ass.  Matthew finally responded to a few texts today, but I take conversation with him with a grain of salt.  I don’t have any expectations with him any more.  My friend Brent and I are planning a potential kidnapping of Marty since his birthday is coming up.  It’s a thing we used to do in high school – this time without pantyhose on our heads. 

No plans for tonight.  I’m sitting here on my bed with my laptop in my lap.  I finished a beer and am thinking of having another one. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you met an old friend, that's always good. Old-time birthday kidnapping sounds like a wonderful idea! Have a good trip again!


ellesu said...

I really like my sketcher shape up sandals and I hope you will as well. Very comfortable - and this is coming from someone with hard to fit feet. Yep. They are very cushioned and they took me a bit of getting used to. When I first started wearing them and I stood still for a while, I noticed I was sort of rocking back and forth. :) Actually, I might have been just feeling as if I was swaying because noone else seemed to notice/look at me funny. I love Austin! I don't live there but a few years ago my dh had a temp job there and we enjoyed our several months stay. A little pricy but nice.

Anonymous said...

I have not entirely figured out the time zone thing, but I guess you are starting to travel again while I write this - hope I am not totally wrong.
Good luck for the oncoming action!