Thursday, June 23, 2011

Change is Good Right?

So after the interview yesterday I was figuring that 1. it would be a while before the possibility of a job opened up and 2. I should pray that another local job became available and 3. I might just be stuck teaching another year. 

Then I went to Sea World and rode some roller coasters.  (Now have two more added to the count.)  And after I got off my second ride on Great White, I had a phone message to call the San Antonio personnel office.  So I called.  And I’ve been offered a Pre-Hire position.  What is that you ask?  (I had the same question.)  Basically, they are offering me a definite library job next year.  The only thing is that they don’t know which particular position and campus yet.  But I am guaranteed a job – it is just a matter of setting up a few other interviews at the open campuses and let the principals fight over me or something like that.  But it means that should I accept the pre-hire position, I can go ahead and resign from my current job and make plans to move to San Antonio.  And I think I’m going to take the job.  I don’t know if I should sleep on it, but I really need to get plans set for next year.  While it is true that I could possibly still interview for something locally, there are no guarantees of a job there or anywhere else.  And the thought of starting fresh in a new city is kind of enticing.  And scary.  But I think it will all work out. 

It looks like Matthew will rent my house from me so I will have somebody in it that I know and trust.  And should I want to come back for Christmas or brief visits, I could stay there.  There would be so much more to see and do in a big city.  I have friends close by in Austin and Josh would be a LOT closer at only 5 hours away instead of 10.  So if I wanted to go down to hear one of his concerts, I could do that.  So this could just be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  I guess practically falling on my face after the interview wasn’t so bad after all.


Jamie said...

HUGE HUGE Congrats to you! Way to go! Yes, I think this can be a great new beginning for you...kind of scary but way exciting!

Again, congratulations! :)

Patti said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And hooray for new beginnings! You'll have all kinds of new things to blog about :) (You know, because THAT is your top priority, haha)


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63mago said...


This gurantee is written and all, yes?
Then "Welcome St.Anton!"