Saturday, June 04, 2011

More productive than planned

Yesterday I was mostly a bum most of the day.  I didn’t do much.  Matthew texted me around 4-something in response to my text that I had an interview next week.  We texted back and forth some and then he asked if I had eaten.  I told him that I hadn’t but that I was getting my hair cut at 5:00 but could meet him around 6:00.  He offered to come to Canyon, but I told him it made more sense for me to come up there so I did.  We went to a steakhouse and I was starving.  I had a salad, 10 oz. sirloin, and loaded baked potato.  It was really good.  So we had dinner and that was it.  Guess that’s how this “just friends” thing works. 

Today I slept in a bit and then headed to school shortly before 10.  I was meeting another teacher there that was supposed to see if she could figure out the software that I’m supposed to use for credit recovery next week.  She couldn’t get it to work either.  So as a backup plan, she gave me some short stories with some questions for them to do.  I went ahead and planned other assignments and got it all on Moodle.  I’m going to let the students choose what they want to complete.  I’ve assigned points to each unit and they can complete what they need to get the credit needed.  I ended up staying until 5:30 and didn’t eat lunch.  When I got home, I turned the breaker on for the oven to see if it would work.  It started its random beeping again a few weeks ago.  I made homemade pizza and luckily the oven worked.  Josh had friends over and after I ate my share and took my plate to the kitchen, the pizza was completely gone.  I guess it was a hit. 

Josh is leaving for California tomorrow.  He drives to Albuquerque and will be flying out from there.  His conference is on Monday and he will be flying back that evening.  He will stay the night in Albuquerque late Monday with my aunt & uncle.  This will be his first big trip all on his own. 

Tomorrow I have to play at church in the morning.  Then I need to do laundry and clean house.  Then I think I will work on interview stuff for Wednesday.  But then again, I may be a bum and just do nothing.  That’s the thing about summer – it is nice to not have to do anything in particular. 


Summer said...

What about the garage? Haha!

Annabel said...

Actually the garage is doing ok - it could stand to be cleared of some stuff, but it's not overflowing, the laundry area is clean, and I can still park my garage in it. But if I got ambitious, I could certainly spend a day or two in there clearing out and organizing stuff.

Summer said...

When I go into my garage and it's a mess I always think of you and how hard you work on yours.

BTW..I'm very proud of all of your accomplishments. You amaze me!