Thursday, June 09, 2011

TGIF - almost

Slowly making it through the week.  Today seemed long.  After school was finished at noon, I had to serve lunch duty from 12:30 until a little after 1:00.  I then went back to the school to finish up some work for another 30 minutes or so.  I got back to town and went to buy a Six Flags season pass from my bank, but found out that they only sell them online.  So I went and picked up some lunch and then tried to buy my ticket, but it didn’t work.  After I ate, I was exhausted, so I took a nap.  I know it isn’t helping me in regulating my sleeping habits, but when you’re tired, you’re tired.  Isn’t napping what summers are for? 

I got my thank you letters finished.  I probably should have finished them last night, but I got distracted by an old friend calling.  He’s a guy that I was friends with in high school – and briefly had a crush on.  After high school we had no contact until about 7 years ago.  We briefly caught up and then lost contact again.  I guess he recently got on facebook, so I found him in a search.  I may get to see him next week when I’m in Dallas for Nationals. 

I have a date of sorts tomorrow night.  Finally giving the guy that has been asking me out for about 7 years now a chance.  So we’ll see.  I really don’t have an interest in him romantically, but we’ve had a decent online friendship so I figure why not go to dinner. 

I will also probably see Marty when I go to Austin at the end of the month.  I thought he might be out of town, but that won’t be until July. 

And Matthew might come to my band concert tomorrow at noon – if he can make it – but I certainly won’t hold my breath on that one. 

Gee… so many guys… what do I do?  Too bad the ones I’m relatively interested in have commitment issues and the others just don’t have “it” – whatever that is.  Oh well, at least life is a little more interesting these days, eh?

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