Monday, June 06, 2011

Rain Tease

My dogs were scratching on my door in the middle of the night because it was thundering.  But still no rain here.  Today was the first day of summer school credit recovery.  10 out of 22 students showed up today.  It wasn’t too bad.  Students logged on and did the work and one of them finished up and was able to get the points required.  None of the students showed up at 10 so I had most of morning off – at least from teaching.  I called all the students that didn’t show but only got to talk to one parent and one student.  I left messages on several phones and there were some whose number has been disconnected. 

I didn’t sleep very well last night.  I was up until midnight waiting to hear that Josh made it to his hotel in Burbank.  Then I still couldn’t sleep so I read.  I tried sleeping around 1:30 a.m. but I don’t think I fell asleep until well after 2:00 and even then, I don’t think I really slept much.  I got a Mountain Dew on the way to school and was fine this morning, but once I got home and ate lunch, I had to take a nap.  I had band rehearsal tonight and there were only two clarinets that showed up.  We have a concert at noon on the town square on Friday so I hope we have more that will be playing.

Josh may or may not get to Albuquerque tonight.  His flight out of Burbank was delayed.  I hope he is able to make the Phoenix flight.  I will be up until I hear from him.  I think I’ll go read more of my book on my Kindle while I wait. 

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