Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Well, I officially decided to give up cokes and chocolate for Lent.  That means of course that I was craving some chocolate just now.  I’m having applesauce instead.  Though Matt does a hard fast today where he doesn’t eat anything all day, I’m abstaining from meat and only had one meal – dinner from Long John Silver’s.  Last night I went over to Matt’s place and we had his last pizza until Easter.  He is giving up pizza and cokes.  I’m meeting him at his place at 7:00 tonight and then we are going to the Ash Wednesday service. 

I spent all day working on my non-fiction shelves getting everything straightened and in order.  It is kind of back-breaking work because the shelves are all low, but it looks really good and I’m finding several books that have been missing.  Tomorrow I’ll start in on the fiction and then I should be ready to start doing inventory in a few weeks.  I got a call from my dad today and he is coming to San Antonio this weekend.  I invited him to come to my concert on Saturday so he is going to drive up and go to the concert and stay the night here before heading back on Sunday morning.  I’m excited that he is going to get to meet Matt. 

I’m tired this evening.  I didn’t get to bed very early since I hung out at Matt’s place until 11:00.  Plus bending over bookshelves and working all day is just exhausting.  Tomorrow I’m going bowling with fellow teachers from school.  That should be a lot of fun.  Friday I have orchestra rehearsal, then a concert on Saturday.  Sunday Matt will come over and we will cook some steaks and watch the Academy awards. 

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear that josh has arrived safely and is settling in. Skype is a good way to stay in touch. Hopefully you get to speak to him 'in real life' through skype soon.