Friday, February 03, 2012

Exhausted Again

I had to be a substitute again today.  Overall it wasn’t too bad.  4 of the six classes were actually pretty good.  Two of them were not very good though so it was frustrating.  I forget how exhausting teaching is.  Even though I didn’t do a lot of instruction, I did have to reprimand a lot during the chaotic classes as I walked around and monitored and it just wore me out.  I also had to deliver dictionaries to a dozen classrooms after school for testing next week.  I didn’t even leave school until after 5:00.  Matt is coming over this evening and he mentioned going out to eat, but I think I’m going to cook some fish and plan to stay in.  I just feel really tired.  I feel like I slept pretty well, but I was up too late.  I woke up with a headache which is really unusual for me.  I rarely get headaches, but it was bad enough that I had to take something for it.  I took some tylenol and had a cup of coffee which probably helped as well.  It was gone by the time first period came in this morning which was a good thing. 

Once again I’m dealing with last minute district decisions.  I was told yesterday AFTER school that we had to figure out a way to test all ELA and Math classes in 9 days.  The caveat is that we can only use the computer lab because the netbooks won’t work and that the district has to do a remote install of some program for all the computers.  Oh, I also forgot to mention that I’m going to be out for testing Monday and Tuesday and then I’ll be doing make-up tests in the library after that.  So the teachers are on their own for this and I don’t think that it will go well.  But I’ll do what I can, but I’m limited in that I can’t do more than about 40 things at once. 

Well, I gotta go start dinner.  Matt will be here in about 30 minutes.  Not sure what we will do after dinner.  Maybe watch a movie at home.  I had wanted to go see One For the Money because I read all the books by Janet Evanovich, but it has gotten some really lousy reviews so I’m not sure about it.  Anyone else see it or read the books?

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