Thursday, February 23, 2012


I’m going to be hurting tomorrow, but had fun tonight.   A group of teachers from the school got together tonight and we went bowling.  We’re forming a league of sorts but the problem is that they are doing it on Thrusday nights which is usually Scrabble practice.  I went ahead and bowled tonight but told them that I couldn’t come every week since I still wanted to also go to my Scrabble practices. 

I’ve also decided to start a Scrabble club at the school.  My generous uncle is going to provide a “scholarship” so that I can get a kit of six games to start out with.  I have a lot of kids that like to come into the library in the mornings and play checkers and such and I’ve been playing a game of Scrabble with one 6th grader over the past several days.  My principal gave me the go ahead so we’ll see how it goes.

I did get to Skype with Josh the other night and things are going well for him in Tasmania so far.  He got a phone but hasn’t been able to call out yet, but I can call him.  He also had an issue with his credit card, but it is working at the ATM so he is not strapped for cash at least.  He has a place to live and has figured out transportation as he has to take a bus into town, then another over to the university. 

I filled out a survey about my experience at the San Antonio  symphony today and as a thank-you, I got four free tickets to an upcoming concert.  That is pretty exciting. 

My dad is coming here this weekend.  I have my concert with the University of Incarnate Word orchestra so he is going to come down for that.  I’m excited that he will get to meet Matt.

I think I’m going to take some tylenol to ward off the on-coming aches and pains and call it a night.  I’m pretty exhausted.

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