Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paying the price

Bowling was really fun on Thursday night, but my body is paying for it now.  I feel sore and moving is slow going.  But it was good for me.  I need to start getting more active but it is a matter of finding time.  The few moments that I’m home I’m playing catch up on dishes, laundry, and house cleaning.  I guess that can kind of be considered active.  I should put on some loud music and do a little dancing along with it. 

Tonight is my orchestra concert with the University of Incarnate Word.  My dad is coming to town to hear the concert.  I really need to get some cleaning done really soon and the guest bedroom made up.  I also need to get to the store.  Time is getting away from me already.  We’re going to meet Matt and a friend of his for dinner.  My dad is staying a short time as he’ll be heading back tomorrow morning.  Matt is coming over Sunday night to watch the Oscars.  He is going to cook steaks on the grill for dinner.

Next week is testing at the school which means once again I’m going to fall behind in my work.  I finally got through most of my shelves and got everything put in order. I still have a lot of textbooks to deal with.  Hopefully when Matt comes to help me on Mondays I will get caught up. 

I’m going to finish watching one of the American Idol episodes I missed and then get started on some house cleaning.

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Leann said...

Time...what an elusive component of life it is. I hope you find plenty so you can do the "shoulds" in your life :-)