Monday, February 13, 2012

Still going…

The Scrabble tournament this weekend wasn’t a complete loss.  I ended up winning a few games.  I didn’t come in dead last at least.  I actually beat the top seeded player in my division the first game.  That was a surprise.  I had some decent draws and then I also got creamed by the same guy that beat me at the first tournament.  I didn’t go over time, but came close a few times.  Matt didn’t have a very successful tournament and he was feeling a bit dismayed.  On the upside, we had a very nice evening on Saturday when we met my friend Kim and her husband Sam in Temple for dinner.  Matt said that was the best part of the weekend and I have to agree.  Hopefully they will be coming down to San Antonio sometime and I think we’ll meet in Austin at some point as well.

Matt came down with a cold or something this weekend.  When we left on Sunday afternoon, he was sniffling and coughing a bit and I could tell while we were at church that he was just getting worse.  I told him after church that he needed to go home and go to bed after taking some Nyquil or something.  He actually listened to me.  Luckily today was his day off so he could stay in bed and get rest.  He didn’t go up to Austin for his Scrabble practice.  I called him this evening and he said that he was feeling better so I hope it passes soon.

Work has been completely insane.  I’m still dealing with a bunch of ridiculous testing that has pulled me from my library duties for the past week.  Actually I’m behind by a few weeks now.  I can’t seem to get caught up.  Matt said that he would come up at some point and help me with shelving and stuff that I’ve gotten behind on.  Before he can do that though, he has to fill out a form to be a volunteer. 

Tonight was orchestra rehearsal and tomorrow is band rehearsal.  After band, I’m going over to Matt’s so we can exchange gifts.  I have no idea what he got me.  I’m sure it will be wonderful.  I’m just ecstatic to have a boyfriend on Valentine’s day.  At least a boyfriend who is actually interested in me.  Surprisingly, Michael called me last week seeking advice for his new love interest.  Since we’re still friends, I gave him my suggestions and told him that I was happy for him. 

Well, I’m going to have to call it a night so I can get through another long day tomorrow. 

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