Sunday, July 31, 2005

It's getting there

I know I said that my blogging would be scarce and yet I've posted more this weekend than at normal times... oh well. But I am taking a quick break for some lunch. So while my leftover pizza is heating up I'll fill you in on things.

I'm slowly getting through the boxes in my driveway. But it's very hot outside. Yes, I put on sunscreen. But it's still hot. Right now I'm going through boxes of books. I think I'll still be going through everything tomorrow as well. My goal is to have everything set up by Monday evening/Tuesday morning and then price stuff the rest of the week.

Went to Church today and found out that our priest that was planning to leave is not planning to leave and I think most people are happy about that. A few were disconcerted about it I believe but since I don't know him well I can't be judgmental (not that I should be) about the situation. But so far I like him and I guess I'm glad he's staying. After church I went to have a coke with the lady that has been guiding me through the church stuff and had a nice conversation with her.

Well, my pizza is ready and am going to take a small break and then get back to work.

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momacakes said...

I've alway thought of converting to become a catholic. I like to watch a Journey Home on EWTN. I am afraid to give my orthodox Church of Christ Grandfather a heart attack. I have been following your journey and wish you rich blessing.