Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Blustery Day

We got our first snow today. And I was one of those crazy people that went out in it. It was pretty heavy for a while, but by the time I headed home it was mostly windy without much moisture. I went shopping today. Mervyn's in Amarillo is closing so I picked up a few items there. I admit that I bought myself a few items today and although I probably should feel guilty; I'm not going to. I was overjoyed to find a new Marvin ornament. It was a "Duck Dodgers" one with Marvin flying a space ship with Daffy behind him with Christmas lights. It's a Hallmark ornament and the great thing is that I got it 30% off at Mervyn's. That was the highlight of my day! Now I'm sitting in my Marvin p.j.'s and waiting for dinner to be finished. I almost have my house clean and am mostly caught up on laundry. I started moving stuff out of the extra bedroom and into the shelves in the garage, but haven't finished yet. I'll work on that this week. I want to get that room set up as a craft room. I have some things I want to work on as Christmas presents and need the space to do it without distraction. I haven't put up my tree yet. I'm trying to figure out where to put it this year as the place I had it last year isn't available... since I have a rather large computer desk in that spot right now.
I didn't do any school work that I had planned on during this break. Oh well. I have a general idea of the things I'll be teaching at the end of the week. The first half of this week will be listening to persuasive speeches. That should be interesting. We have a variety of topics from legalizing drugs, to same sex marriages, and smoking bans. I won't be in school on Friday or it might be a half day for me. We have a speech tournament this weekend and the next. So I'm staying busy as usual.

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