Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

O.k. it's not my birthday yet. It's actually the 10th. But I did go shopping today (bad Annabel) and got a few things. My main gift to myself was two new bras. I know you're thrilled to hear that, but you have to understand that I have had the same bra for about four years now. I have others, but none seem to fit right and there's only one that I've been wearing. But it's been wearing thin and it's getting loose from either the fact that I've stretched it out or because I've lost weight. I'm going to think it's the latter because it makes me feel better. So I went to Victoria Secret today and had myself measured. You'll be happy to know that I have gone down a size and can now wear a "normal" sized bra. That means I don't have to buy just the "full-figured" woman sizes. So I tried on a bevy of bras and chose two that I liked. Yeah, I spent and arm and a leg, but I think it will be worth it in the end.
After that I went to Ross for Less so I could get some sweaters. It's getting chilly here and I don't have much in the way of winter clothes. All of my clothes I had last year don't fit any more. They are way too big. (More good news.) So I tried on about 12 sweaters and bought four. You'll also be happy to note that many of them were way too big as a size XL and two of the sweaters I bought are only Larges. I also tried on a size 14 pair of pants and although they were a bit tight, I could zip and button them. I think I'm getting closer to being another size smaller.
But I wasn't completely selfish today. You know Josh and I share a birthday, so I had to get his presents today too. I got him the DVD of Star Wars III as well as The Princess Bride. He's also a fan of George Carlin, so I bought him the Napalm and Silly Putty book. I also got him some of the Bath and Body works men's shower gel. I let him have what Marty had left here because he was complaining about dry skin. He seemed to really like it. Only problem is that the smell reminds me of Marty. But he does smell good.
Since we've got things going on during our birthday this week (Choir practice on Thursday, I have a speech tournament Fri. & Sat., and Josh has a game on Fri.) we're going to hold off on going out for our birthday until the next week. I think we'll plan to go to dinner and see Harry Potter on the 18th.
For a while I was thinking that my birthdays are no longer special because very few people remember them and there's no more parties or any kind of big deal made about them. But as I spend time with Josh, I realize just how special my birthday is. After all, what better gift can a mother get than to have her child on her birthday? I am so blessed.

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