Friday, November 04, 2005

So what brings you here?

I've been checking my stats on site meter and it's very interesting to see what other people have searched on the internet and end up at my blog. I once posted about the phrase "naked girls in and around Amarillo" but there are few more interesting searches. Some make perfect sense like "story of my life" and "annabel-lee" and "marty valentine" but some are baffling.

I know I have my regular readers like Grumpy, Summer, Pixie, Susan and Bret, but I do get a few other hits because of my Catholic blog, from Prison Pete, and my yahoo or blogger profile. I feel lately my writing hasn't been exciting simply because life is rather boring at the moment. I guess when there's no drama in my love life there just isn't a lot to write about. Still not complaining, but would like to find more interesting things to tackle. Perhaps my muse will visit again soon. For now, enjoy the list of searches that have allowed a few others to stop by for a quick visit.

Don’t get caught on security camera

celebrity yearbook george eads

story of my life

looking for dentist to yank all my teeth

getting along with your lover ones

my-waterbed sprung leak october 2005

if i haven't received my period yet but i haven't received any symptoms does it mean im pregnant?

rebound relationship blog

prayer to make lover come back

old lover stories

write a fill in birthday story

wedding ring separated

"hair cut very short"

"marty valentine"

bloody marys life story

lazy students

amarillo naked girls

my lover my friend

how to get over a lover



Susanlee said...

Nobody reads my blog except you, Patrick, Tiffany and Justin...How did you find out how people found you ?

Oh, by the way, you'll like this book I think, its called Good Grief and its by Lolly Winston. Its really funny and sad and touching. It can be found in both fiction and in inspirational at Barnes and Noble. Read about it on Amazon, and let me know if you read it.

Summer said...

I come here because you're an admirable woman. I like who you are!

Andrew said...

I agree with summer. I read because I want to hear about your day and what your life is like. I have shared with you your trials and tribulations by stopping by everyday. I just want to see things get even better for you and Josh. I don't think you are boring at all and enjoy what you write.

On my blog, you only get to read the exciting ten percent of my life. The other ninety percent is pretty mundane and I rarely write about it. I think a lot of us do that with our blogs.

Anyways,keep up the good work and blog on!