Friday, November 11, 2005

Why is it?

Why is it that when I actually have the opportunity to sleep in and be completely lazy on a Friday morning that I am wide awake at 6:45? I made myself stay in bed but I finally gave up. This is after going to bed near midnight last night. Any other night I stay up that late and try to wake up before seven is like waking the dead. But this particular morning I could have gone for a run or something... but no, I didn't care to do that. What? Me exercise? Bah!

Now for the not so great news yesterday. I got a call from the social security office in Alice, TX on Wednesday. I could not return the call because they close their offices at 4:00. So I remembered to call yesterday... barely. But I was able to leave a message and the lady called me back. It turns out that they have to work the entire case on Josh's dad from the same office. That means the claim from his wife and daughters and Josh have to be done together. (It would have been nice to be told this from the beginning... oh, yeah, we're dealing with inept government people.) So, the lady tells me that because the case has to be reestablished down there, she needs the materials that the Amarillo office requested from me. Well, I did my duty and had already sent those items to the Amarillo office. She said that she had emailed the office about them and had not heard a reply from them and she couldn't proceed without the documents. And then here's the kicker! She's going to be gone for the next week and won't return until the 21st. So that means there is no way the money will be coming on the 16th like they originally told me. In fact she said it will probably be at least a month once she files everything. So there's a big lesson for me on counting the money before it's deposited. Josh's band trip is still due next week and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. My friend that I carpool with offered to loan it to me, but I felt weird about that. It's not that I wouldn't pay it back, but it's just not right for some reason. My aunt and uncle might be able to help me out or I might be able to ask my dad. Worst case I can get a cash advance on my credit card, but that will cost an arm and a leg. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! O.k. I feel better now.

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Andrew said...

I just wanted to tell you a happy belated birthday. I meant to do this the other day. I can be shy about commenting on other blogs.

When I was finally approved for my disability, I was owed $5600 dollars from the time I had applied until I was approved in back pay. I waited for months and months and still no check came. They (Social Security) would give me the runaround on the phone and in the office. Someone who read my former blog told me to email my congressman, Mike Rodgers, about it. Within two weeks I had the check after waiting so long after one simple email. If only I had known that in the beginning. You might try that as well. It might get the ball rolling so to speak.

Anyways, once again, a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I do so enjoy your blog and I really admire you so much more after reading your birthday post about the birth of Josh. You are an admirable woman.