Monday, November 21, 2005

Dinner and a Movie

Well, Josh and I had our date last night. This whole weekend seemed to fly by so quickly. It's a very good thing that it's a short week. After he finished his last performance of the musical, I picked him up so he could wash his make-up off. Because I'm I nice mom that wouldn't force him to be too embarassed. We headed to Olive Garden for our annual birthday dinner (even though it was ten days ago). My dad, Carol Ann and her daughter also joined us. (And dad paid, wooo hooo.) I had what I always have. (chicken fetuccine alfredo) No surprise there. But it was quite yummy. After dinner we went to see Harry Potter. I am a bit mixed on my feelings about the movie. I won't give any spoilers, but I felt that although they did a good job in general of recreating the challenges, the movie felt rushed. That's probably because they had to take an 800+ page book and put it into a movie that is only 157 minutes. Yes, that's a pretty lengthy movie in general, but it's not enough to really get the whole story. I figured they'd have to shorten the beginning quidditch match, but so much more was missing. Voldemort, however, was really quite well done. I also thought they did a good job with the emotional aspect of the movie. Sure, it's darker, but that's the way the story is. But they still kept a good deal of humor in it.
Bottom line. Do go see the movie. You must. But if you're one of those weird people out there that hasn't read the books yet, you are really missing out. So go get the books and read them. Right now. I mean it. You think they're just kids books, but that is so not true. So what are you sitting around reading my blog for? Get to Barnes and Noble.

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