Thursday, November 17, 2005

Moving Right Along

The busy week doesn't seem to be ending, but it's really a good thing (other than the state of my house at the moment). Yesterday I had RCIA class, tonight was choir practice for 2 1/2 hours. I really love singing in the choir, but I know I'm still not very good at it. But I do love rejoicing and learning the music. Our dedication of the Church this weekend will really be very special.
Tomorrow I'll be going to see Josh in the school musical. It will be really great to see him perform in another medium beside playing an instrument. I am so very proud of how talented he is. Oh! To brag a little bit, he made 7th chair in symphonic band and he's one of only two freshmen that made it.
Saturday is the dedication. Sunday is church. Josh and I also are planning to go see Harry Potter and then to dinner to celebrate our birthdays.
Luckily next week is a very short week of school... a day and a half. Because the HISD staff met the goal for the United Way, the superintendent is allowing us to only go a half day on Tuesday. Way cool.
So things are moving right along. Richard has been IM'ng me lately and it's been fun chatting with him. He said he really appreciated the nice things I said about him on here and that it made his day. I am glad.
Well, it's past my bed time and I have to trudge through another day of school tomorrow.

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