Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Being Churchy

O.k. I'm not what you'd call an overly zealous Christian. I do relish my journey into the Catholic Church, and if it comes up in conversation, I'll mention it. I wear either a crucifix or a saint necklace and try to live as exemplary as I can, but I don't throw it out there, nor do I try to convert anyone. But I have found my Church home and I enjoy it.
Last night I had another IM conversation and I posted about it in my other blog, but thought it would be interesting to share here as well.

I tend to stay on my computer throughout most evenings. Sure, sometimes I do other things like the dishes, perhaps some homework, or watching a little t.v. But I stay connected online checking email, reading other blogs, and I stay signed in to yahoo messenger. I've noticed lately that I haven't had as many random strangers trying to chat with me since I changed my profile to read 'single, not looking.' It's not that I'm not interested in a relationship, it's just I'm not trusting of meeting people online these days. I still pray that God has a plan for someone special to come into my life, and I'm trying to be patient in regard to that. Oh, yeah, I was making a point.
Tonight I had yet another random message, but did respond since he did have a profile (part of my rules for chatting). And we went through the typical cheesy conversation stuff... "where are you from?" around here "Do you have pictures?" Yes "Well, you're cute!" Thanks "What do you do for fun?" Ride rollercoasters. "Cool, anything else?" blog, watch t.v., go to church, crochet, go out to eat, movies, read, puzzles.... And for some strange reason, that ended the conversation. I'm thinking it was the statement about going to Church. Seems to scare some people off these days.

So no big deal on losing that conversation, but it makes me think about how people tend to be judgmental. I admit I've been quite guilty of that myself. I don't talk to people that are openly sexual online because I find it offensive. So I guess if my church-going is offensive, then that's o.k. But I have online friends of all sorts. I don't have friends simply because they share my beliefs. If that were the case, I'd be in short supply. But I cherish friends because of our differences and though I won't try to necessarily "win people to Christ", I will try to live by example and pray for them. Although you won't see a lot of "Churchy" stuff in this blog, it is a part of who I am right now. I'm still not going to talk to people that ask me if I want to see naked pictures of themselves, but I will try not to be judgmental about it. It is simply a choice. Not that the person who stopped the conversation was being judgmental, but since a conversation had started, it might have been polite to say that they weren't interested in pursuing further conversation. But oh well. Just my thoughts right now.


momacakes said...

good for you. I never liked that thing. I met several nice churchy boys during the whole on line dating thing,that are still friends. You definitely should stick with your rules. When jerks would ask me questions like that I always said "what? You think I need a good laugh?" but then I can be very hateful...I am praying for help this area. Okay I pray for help with lots of personality. I flaws. I wouldn't have talked to Patrick but he never made improper advances and he disarmed me with his cat photos. ha!

Summer said...

Keep those thoughts. They are good ones! Maybe your life is not in your hands right now. Maybe He has a plan for you.