Sunday, January 01, 2006


For some reason this seems kind of fitting... my 500th blog is the first blog of 2006. I am amazed that I have written that much in the past year and a half. It's not quite a post per day, but still not bad. I talked to a guy online today that asked me if writing things down helped me deal with stuff. I explained to him that writing has always been therapeutic for me and getting it down even if only on paper helps in just getting it out there.

Some have asked why I put it all out there for the world to read. I don't know the answer to that exactly. Patrick is the one who got me started with it for the most part. I had a live journal once but didn't keep up with it much. But since starting this in May of 2004, it just kind of progressed.

Well, the title of this post is goals. Mind you it is not resolutions. If they were resolutions, I am certain I would break them. But here's a few goals I have in mind not just for 2006 but for my life.

1. Continue to grow in the Catholic faith
2. Write more
3. Read more
4. Worry less
5. Fall in love (with someone that loves me back)
6. Get healthier
7. Take vacations
8. Continue to make music a part of my life
9. Take time for myself once in a while
10. try to be a good parent

Of course this is a small list, but I think a pretty good one to focus on for the moment. I hope every had a wonderful 2005 and I wish you all blessing in 2006.

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