Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Great Day!

I don't have days that I can say are just really great, but today is certainly an exception. I took kids to a speech tournament this weekend and it didn't start of great as I was judging a round of debate at the elementary school. And that in itself isn't terrible except there was no coaches lounge with goodies or a place to hang out other than the cafeteria. Then I judged a round of novice Lincoln-Douglas debate. And it was o.k. as far as a novice goes, other than the fact that they didn't incorporate any of their value and criteria into their case... but oh well. But the good news started shortly after that. As I was writing my ballot my phone rang. I was thankful that it didn't ring in the middle of the round. It was Josh. I figured he'd be calling me to let me know how he did at the area tryouts. MY SON MADE THE ALL-STATE BAND AS A FRESHMAN!!! Yeeee-haaawwww! I am so very excited about it. I couldn't believe it. I mean I knew he was talented. I've said so many times on here... but to make all-state as a freshman is quite a feat.
Shortly after that we got to go back to the high school and luckily I didn't have to judge any more. I spent the rest of the time in the tab room chatting with coaches and learning about the program I'll be using at our speech tournament. This guy that wrote it is quite a genius.
And then.... my team won the first place sweepstakes at the tournament AND they beat the other schools by almost twice as many points. It was truly a great day today.
I am quite certain that I made the right decision in choosing to teach where I am. Overall the kids there are really great and I am inheriting a really wonderful team. In case I haven't mentioned it lately... I am truly blessed.


Andrew said...

These are the kind of posts that make me smile while I read. Congrats on such a wonderful day!

Summer said...

Congratulations to Josh! Reading this post took me back to when my oldest son made All State and his debating in H.S. I was so proud of him. I know how you feel. Our children are such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Yay for you for judging novie lincoln douglas debate! I love ld and am a novice but of course i never would not incorporate my value and criterion into my case! lol i just got back from UNM tournament and ld rox!!! ;D

Susanlee said...

Wow! It sounds like you have a great team! I'm very impressed...Great about Josh too but...we all know he's great! Congratulations all around!