Monday, January 02, 2006

Who Needs a Man Around?

Not me, I guess. Maybe I'm not completely helpless. I broke down today and got myself one of those One for All Remotes. You see, I have cable, a DVD player and a VCR all with their own remotes that can usually never be found. In fact I bought the remote because I have no idea where the DVD remote is. As you can probably guess, I decided not to go and do some work today. It's the last day of my vacation and I'm just going to enjoy it. So I decided to watch the special scenes on my special edition Titanic DVD that I got for my birthday. O.k. I'm a little slow on some of these things. Unfortunately because I don't have a remote, I can't go between choices on the main menu. So I go to the store and pick one up. In addition, I got a new A/V cable so I could hook up the DVD AND the cable at the same time without diminishing the picture. Aren't you amazed at how smart I am? And I did it all myself.
In addition to that, before I left for Albuquerque, I checked my oil and antifreeze on my own. I also happen to own a tire gauge. Aren't you impressed with my vast mechanical knowledge? O.k. so it's not such a big deal, but I am learning how to do what I can on my own. In fact for Christmas, I asked for and got a new cordless drill. I haven't found an occasion to use it yet, but am sure I will.

So I watched the special scenes on Titanic. And for the record, it is my favorite movie no matter what you may think with all the hype that has been associated with it. It was done very well and quite historically accurate, so there!

And when it was over, I watched the last part of the movie Love, Actually. Which is another great movie. And I had an epiphany moment or maybe it was just one of those little a-ha's. But in the movie, there's a scene where a guy that has been in love with another woman who is already married lets her finally know what she means to him. He stands outside her door hold posters and silently lets her read what he wants to say... which is basically that he'll always love her. And although he knows he can never have her, he does it just to get it out. And when it's over, he starts walking away and she runs out to give him a quick kiss and then goes back into her house to her husband. And as he's walking away he says "Enough. Enough, now." And that is my mantra in regard to you know who. Sorry, I can't mention his name. I told you that I wouldn't write about him any more. Sure, you know I'm lying, but I am making an effort here, o.k.?

And that's all I can say because the rest of my day deals with all the stuff I've been avoiding that I'm not going to write about. I really need some new material, huh? Posted by Picasa


Summer said...

Do you know I've never seen the movie Titanic? Why? I got so sick and tired of hearing Celine Dion whine that theme song on every radio station whose button I pushed. I thought if I heard it one more time I was going to go on a cruise and jump over board. And I do like the Enough. Enough already quote. It suits me in many ways. Have a good day!

Andrew said...


When I was still married, our couch literally ate remotes. I could never find the one I needed. Rachel also had a tendency to put the remote after she used it in an odd place which was aggravating as well.

I laughed at Summer’s comment. Man, I hated that song so badly as well. I was sick of hearing it, but I did very much enjoy the movie even though the romance was kind of sappy for us guys.

The Titanic always held a special fascinating for me as a child. I will never forget when Ballard found its location and took pictures of the wreckage and the subsequent National Geographic special that was produced.