Sunday, January 22, 2006

Grils Night

Had a get-together last night with two friends of mine. We were all single-moms and leaned on each other for support back when our kids were about 1-2. I made cashew chicken and played bartender. We talked about what we'd been doing for the last several years so I got to rehash my love life. Although I did mention some of the negative stuff that lead to the break up of my marriage, I didn't paint Richard in a completely negative light. I also told them of how talented and smart he was and how much I appreciated the fact that we are still friends. And Marty... well, I spoke my heart and I won't repeat all of that here. I did comment that what I think bothers me the most is not having answers. Given my intellectual and analytical nature and also the fact that I am female... not knowing all the why's tends to bother me. But all I do know is pray about it and try not to think so much. (I know... mostly impossible for me.)
I am the single one of the group. Stephanie is quite happily married to what is probably the perfect guy for her. Jennie is somewhat happily married. She has her frustrations and tries to work through them the best she can. She is stressed in trying to deal with three kids and going back to school full time. And although I sometimes wish for that someone special... I'm still happy with my life and myself. Right now I think I need to focus on simply loving myself and building my relationship with God. And I know that when I'm least expecting it and not looking... that is when the right person will come along. Problem is that I thought I already found him... but c'est la vie.
Having company over last night at least made me get my house cleaned up. I am still waaaayyy behind on laundry, but I'm making progress. This will be a week of hell, so any thoughts or prayers would be much appreciated. Tomorrow my classes will finish up their request letters and those that are finished will get to play taboo. Tuesday I have to start teaching a communication lesson and finish it on Wednesday when I will be observed by my principal. So I can't just skate by on this one. Wednesday night is RCIA class again, Thursday night is choir practice. And admist all of this I have to get set up for the tournament we are hosting this weekend. I have to learn how to use the tournament software, figure the judging assignments, get copies made, signs, and a million other things. I just hope it goes smoothly for my first tournament.
So that's my life at the moment. If I don't blog much this week... be patient... I will come back.

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Andrew said...

Well, I am going to miss you and your writings this week. I hope hell week ends soon. I know you will be saying TGIF when Friday arrives. Take care of yourself and don't work too hard.