Thursday, February 14, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Obviously I made it to San Antonio. I left shortly after school was out yesterday and was on the road by 4:10. According Rand McNally I would be on the road 6 hours and 5 minutes. Despite some awkward directions (and coming upon a closed road in Floydada and getting a scenic tour of one of their neighborhoods) the time was pretty accurate when you added my 15 minute sojourn at McDonald's in Plainview. I pulled into the Best Western in Brady, Texas at 10:30 p.m. I checked in and put my pajamas on. I did connect my computer last night, but it was agonizingly slow so I couldn't post. Josh called me at 11:40 and told me that the audition results had been posted, but someone had taken them down so he didn't know what band or what chair he made. I had gotten in bed but wasn't quite asleep. He then called me again at midnight because he finally found out by going to the rehearsal area and seeing his name on the chair. So... I know you're all waited with baited breath to know the results... this year, he made the symphonic band and is 13th chair. Last year he was 2nd chair in the concert band so it is quite an improvement.

My trip was uneventful. I drove through lots of little towns that are nothing more than just a speck like Cone, Texas. Then there are a few other towns where you can tell the livelihood is cotton because it almost looks like winter there with all the extra bits of cotton on the side of the road. I did get some entertainment along the way as I discovered some interestingly named roads like "Stink Creek Road" and "Noodle Dome Road." I didn't have any traffic issues yesterday or this morning.

This morning I was up by 7:00 but I didn't want to get up after only 5 hours of sleep. I checked out of the hotel by 8:00, then got gas, a coke and tots at Sonic and then hit the road. I made it to the hotel here in downtown San Antonio in about 2 1/2 hours. I checked in and then checked email and then we headed over to the mall for lunch. After that, we went to hear the WTAMU band concert (my alma mater). Once again, they were amazing. Afterwards we went downstairs for the meet and greet and I got to see a lot of my old professors and friends that I was in college with. Then we stayed for the SFA concert which is the school that Josh may want to attend. After that, I went to the exhibit hall for a bit. Anything and everything associated with music (and then some) you can find there. I'm going to try to find a new clarinet case. My old buffet case has seen it's better days. Josh currently is keeping the clarinet in his old case, but I think it needs something new. I only briefly checked out the exhibits and then I went to listen to the bassoon ensemble that my friend Kirsten was conducting and playing in. After that we headed back to the hotel so Kirsten could drop off her bassoon. For dinner we went to Tony Roma's. I decided to stock up on meat tonight since tomorrow is Friday during Lent and I have to forgo meat.

My ex-husband, Richard, might come to town tomorrow and go to lunch with me.... but I'm not going to hold my breath. Numerous times he has promised and has yet to come through. No biggie if he doesn't. Tomorrow night I may be going with Josh to the college night and then to a late dinner. I'm going to the WT reunion tomorrow evening so it will be nice to meet up with old friends. Well, I'm already exhausted so I'm going to get ready for bed. I did get a lot of exercise today walking. No laziness today.

I know it's valentine's day, but it's just another day for me. No flowers, no romance, no sweetheart and I think for once I'm o.k. with that. Actually I have something waiting for me at home from my aunt so that will be a nice surprise. So I hope you had a nice Valentine's day if you have a sweetheart, and if not, I hope it was just as enjoyable for you and you're happy in your singleness. I'm learning that it's o.k. to be alone and sometimes it can be great. Well, good night all. I'll try to post again tomorrow.


marykay said...

Small world, my daycare parent is in S.A. for band. Did you mean Josh may go to SFA in Nac? If so it is a great school, beautiful campus and great kids! I have four coming home this weekend! Enjoy your mini vacation and do the boat trip its kinda interesting.Eat some mexican food and have a margarita for me.

abbagirl74 said...

Sounds like a great trip so far. I am catching up with you so on to the next post!