Thursday, February 07, 2008

Still not enough time

I feel so very far behind and there seems to be no end. I did get quite a bit done after school today. I have six or seven upcoming trips that I have to prepare for and it takes forever. I have to fill out paperwork on each trip (student travel form and transportation request), secure hotel lodging if necessary, and figure trip expenses. At the same time I have to figure out which accounts that I should pay for some of these expenses from and balance those budgets. If anyone ever complains about me having two conference periods, I'd like them to trade roles with me for a day. On top of all this, I have a million things to grade, assignments to plan, tests to put on the computer, selections to cut for students, and an office that looks like a paper bomb exploded in there. I need about a week to catch up but I have to get everything done before next Wednesday. I'm leaving for San Antonio after school on Wednesday.

This morning I overslept by about 30 minutes. I forgot to set the second alarm so when I turned off the first one, it obviously didn't go off again. I meant to get up by 10 after 6:00, but didn't wake up again until 6:41. I took a quick shower and got ready. I still made it to school on time, but it was after 8:00 before I got there. I'm still waking up in the mornings around 4:00 and I'm getting tired of it. I don't know if I should quit fighting it and just get up at 4:00 or continue to toss and turn for an hour and a half. I rarely ever feel fully rested. I can sleep if I take a benadryl or 1/2 a tylenol p.m. but then I'm usually still tired in the morning unless I take the medicine around 7:00 and get in bed by 9:00. Maybe one of these days I'll be in a job without so much work and stress. I can tell you that right now I'm earning every single dollar I make.

Well, I've been pretty good today in my Lenten quest to eat better and forgo laziness. I have decided to give up one t.v. show. It seems silly, but I'm not going to watch "House Hunters" until Lent is over. It is the one show that I watch that makes me covet what other people have and makes me long for something more. I really should be happy with what I've got. At lunch I opted for my pita and the small 100 calorie cookie pack and talked myself out of chips. Dinner tonight was pasta with meatballs (a smallish bowl) and half a dessert. I did have a glass of wine followed by some water. I also did the dishes tonight. I'm going to try to clean the kitchen fully before going to bed, however. I'm also going to make yet another attempt at exercise despite my inordinately busy schedule. We'll see how that goes.

Well, I only have about an hour and a half before I go to bed so I better get busy with my work that I brought home.


Andrew said...

Yay! An Annabel post! I wish there was something tangibly I could do to help you. I am great at cleaning house and do a thorough job, but you live so far away! I hope to read everyday how you get caught up before San Antonio. Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Hey - calorie for calorie! :)

May I ask something? Why you use medicine, pills? Is that free or prescribed? When your body sais it is time to wake up - maybe for an hour or so - why not accept it? Get up, look around, maybe you stay awake, or you have another hour with Morpheus.
You have a lot of stress these days, you travel a lot, maybe your "inner clock" is just a little out of step. Pills may help for a time, but ... So. Yes. It's your thing. I just saied.
Funny - it's past four in the morning here now - normally I am all deep in dreamland, wake me and die.
Strange times.

abbagirl74 said...

Hey you! Just catching up!