Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still busy here

The concert last night went pretty well. I played most of the notes. The clarinets on either side of me and I passed around squeaks last night. I'd squeak, and then the one to my right would, then the left one would. I really need to get some new reeds at some point. School was o.k. today. Nothing exciting. I'm actually trying to stay caught up on grades.

Spring is coming slowly. We'll have some nice, gorgeous days and then another cold spell with howling winds. I just ready for winter to be over.

Tomorrow I'm off from school again. This time it is the bus safety speech competition. I don't have high hopes for my students. They're not working very hard these days. I think they're getting an early case of spring fever. Problem is that I think I'm catching it as well. I seem to be getting to school later and later. Maybe I'll try getting to bed earlier tonight so I'll get up earlier in the morning. Of course tomorrow there isn't a rush to get there. Is there a cure for spring fever?

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abbagirl74 said...

Spring fever has definitely settled in. I am so tired of cold and snow. It just brings a person down.