Saturday, February 09, 2008

Is this true?

Do I really wait for school to be out? Maybe this year with the classes I have. But technically school doesn't get out until 3:45 and rarely have I ever left shortly after the bell ring. I actually stay on a regular basis until at least 5:00 catching up on work.

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I went to bed at 7:30 last night. All of a sudden I felt completely exhausted. I climbed into bed and read about 3 pages of my book before turning out the light. I thought it might be just a quick nap, but I didn't wake up again until 1:00 in the morning. I missed my t.v. show Psych, but I did discover that it will come on again today at 5:00. I must have been needing the sleep. I got about 12 hours of sleep last night. I woke around 8:00 and read for an hour before having some cereal for breakfast. I've made a promise to myself to start cleaning today no later than noon. My goal today is to get the kitchen and living room done. Tomorrow will be the bedroom and craft room.

Well, I think I'll read a little more and then get myself motivated to get busy on the house.

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abbagirl74 said...

I am 10:02 am.

You are breakfasty, like a pile of pancakes on a Sunday morning that have just the right amount of syrup, so every bite is sweet perfection and not a soppy mess. You are a glass of orange juice that's cool, refreshing, and not overly pulpy. You are the time of day that's just right for turning the pages of a newspaper, flipping through channels, or clicking around online to get a sense of how the world changed during the night. You don't want to stumble sleepily through life, so you make a real effort to wake your brain up and get it thinking. You feel inspired to accomplish things (whether it's checking something off your to-do list or changing the world), but there's plenty of time for making things happen later in the day. First, pancakes.