Monday, February 25, 2008

A note of relief

My ex-husband tried to call me several times today. I was a bit concerned thinking that something might be wrong, but it turns out that he is trading in his bike and getting a new one. That means that he will no longer be jointly connected to me financially. By paying off the loan that is with my bank, he will no longer have a tie to me and that frees up my credit. I have to admit that I'm surprised that his credit was approved since it was in my worse shape than mine, but I'm not complaining. I've been having dreams about him lately and I've been wondering why. Maybe it had to do with having this financial connection. I don't know. We've remained on friendly terms, but that is it for me. I often think back and try to figure out "what was I thinking??!"

Today at in-service I learned to use movie maker and helped others in the class. Then I picked up Sonic for lunch and ate it in my office while I read some blogs and then did some research on printing costs for our reunion book. I need to be able to take prices with me to our meeting on Saturday. After lunch we went through (yet again) more training on our upcoming state test that we'll be giving on March 5. They were originally scheduled for March 4, but the state realized that the date was our election day and felt that the schools would not be secure so they moved it to the 5th. That is the day that we are supposed to leave for TFA state and it means that we can't leave for Dallas until after school. (Even though the students would be finished testing around noon.)

Tonight I have a band concert. I brought my music home last week, but I haven't practiced. Maybe it will be the thought that counts. I am excited to play, however. I did pretty well last week for sight reading. A few of the pieces I have actually played before so it wasn't too bad.

It's windy here today. It's just a fact of life living here in the Texas panhandle. Did you know that Amarillo was listed as the 3rd windiest city in the United States a few years ago? It probably hasn't changed much. But the wind sucks. (But Josh would say "It doesn't suck, it blows!") I hate the wind.

Well, I better get ready for my concert tonight. Catch ya'll again tomorrow.

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Cheryl said...

I love it when it's windy here, but probably wouldn't if it was windy all the time. Right now I can hear my wind chimes, and I just love the sound.

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