Saturday, February 16, 2008

Last day in San Antonio

Josh and I have to head back this evening after his concert which will be around 4:30. We're only going to drive part way tonight given how late we're starting and the fact that the weather seems to be bad in Amarillo. I hope it clears up by tomorrow. We shall see.

Last night Josh and I went to the college night thing where we could visit with potential schools. We stopped at SFA's booth and WT's. Everything else was either not something he was interested in or it was too crowded. Then we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had fettucine alfredo with shrimp. But Kirsten's three meat pizza looked really good. Josh ate with us. Afterwards we went over to the Menger where I finally got my top shelf margarita. It was quite yummy. Then we went to the WTAMU reunion and I got to visit with lots of people there. By 11:00 I was crashing. I am so not used to staying up so late. We came back to the hotel and I read about 5 pages in my book before I zonked out. I tried to sleep in this morning but the was a screaming child next door that was up before 7:00. I finally got up at 7:45 and took a shower. At 9:00 I moved my car a few blocks down closer to Josh's hotel since I wasn't sure I could leave mine in the Hampton parking lot after I checked out. Kirsten just left and I thought I'd blog before I headed out myself. My bags are already in my car but I'm going to keep my computer with me.

It's been a nice trip, but I still have a lot to do when I get home. I just hope the bad weather is out before we get there. Hope everyone's weekend is going well. I'll be back some time on Sunday.


63mago said...

That sounds all very nice! Return safely. Andrew mentioned snow.

abbagirl74 said...

Hope you are at home safe when you read this. Just wanted you to know, our hockey team (Wichita Thunder) plays the Amarillo Gorillas quite a bit. Every time they do, I think of you. Perhaps one day, we can come down for a game.