Saturday, March 29, 2008

All dressed up

And I actually went somewhere. Josh played with the Amarillo symphony tonight in a side-by-side concert. So I dressed up and went to the symphony. He said that he was disappointed because they wouldn't let the winds play much - only during the loud parts, he said. But the concert was still pleasant although it was pretty long. I do enjoy going to symphony. I wish I could do it more often. It is nice to go to something a little bit "sophisticated."

Josh's name was in a news article in the paper today. There was a write up for the upcoming youth symphony concert and it mentioned that Josh did the wind arrangements for two of the pieces that they are playing.

I should have gone up to school today to do some work, but I couldn't get myself to go. I did do a lot of reunion work, however. I started the layouts for the book and found 80's stuff to include. I also updated our website and made photo categories.

Before the symphony, I went to Best Buy and got an external hard drive to back up my data on my computer. I feel better knowing that it's backed up. I'll have Josh back up his stuff and then I'll back up my stuff from school. We're getting new teacher computers next year and we have to back up all our information on teacher drives.

Tomorrow is church, of course, and then in the afternoon I'm going to the WT speech team showcase. Josh's one act play will be performed on Tuesday evening and then on Friday we'll go to the WT showcase of music. We didn't get to go last year which was very disappointing to Josh. I think we'll go to dinner before the show.

Time to call it a night. My dog is bugging me to get out of "his" chair.

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