Saturday, March 01, 2008

Prayers requested

My brother injured himself today. He's a typical guy that loves his toys and while out riding his four-wheeler today he had a wreck. He has a broken collar-bone, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He's in the hospital right now and will be there for a few days for observation. Prayers and good thoughts for his recovery would be greatly appreciated.

I went to my reunion meeting tonight and we talked for three hours. I'm in charge of the book (obviously) as well as a website and the name tags. I also have to get some of the ads for the book, but there are some others that will hopefully help with that. Today I went to Amarillo to get some additional book pricing, then went to Hobby Lobby and got some beads for another rosary, and then treated myself to lunch at Taco Villa. I came home and did some work on the computer and then went to the meeting.

Tomorrow I'm playing at church and our new Bishop will be there. I was going to go to the sausage dinner, but I'm going to go up to the hospital to see my brother instead. Then I have to go to a band meeting at 3:00. Well, I better get busy on our class reunion website. No, I haven't learned to say the word "no" yet.


Andrew said...

When I think of your brother, I think of the time he fixed the fan motor in your central heating and air and paid for it. Good guy! And he and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Broken ribs is going to be damned painful until it heals.

Caroline said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Prayers are on the way. And be good to you today!

abbagirl74 said...

Holy crap. I hope he gets better soon.