Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back in the Big D

Made it safely to Lewisville and got checked into our hotel. We made good time despite stopping for dinner and a bathroom break. We left school a minute before the bell rang (oh well) and hit the road. We met Josh's group at his school and they followed us down here. We had one of those typical Dallas moments though when I was trying to get to the hotel... we could "see" where we needed to go, but just couldn't get there. We finally found the right road and checked at 11:00 this evening. I'm already in my pajamas and will be getting to bed soon. Tomorrow we have to go register around 8:30 and then I'm taking the kids to the mall for a while. We then head over to the school around 1:30 and will be there the rest of the day. Posting may be sporadic this week with the schedules, but thankfully the hotel has free wireless and it's fast.
Well, that's all for now, the bed is calling my name!

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abbagirl74 said...

Hope you had fun at the mall today. It sounds like it will be a great time. Post when you can!