Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Perhaps my expectations are too high

This is not a surprising statement from me. I tend to have high expectations. Just ask my ex-husband and my family. I gave my comm. app. students the following assignment:

1. Pick a current topic. (Something along the lines of "Will the transition of power in Cuba lead to improved relations between that nation and the United States?") - They drew these topics and then I allowed them to trade.
2. Research the topic and give background information necessary to understand the topic. (about a paragraph)
3. Find and print one news article that helps in answer the question. Article must be dated Sept 2007-Present.
4. Write a summary of the article and tell how it helps answer the topic.
5. Present the information to the class in a brief, informal presentation.

They did not have to write a complete speech or completely answer the question. Yet today, I had to help half of them find their article. I had to explain the topics to the majority of them.

Is this a difficult assignment? Am I expecting too much?

I'm still not in the school "mood". I still haven't graded papers. I'm trying to get ready for our upcoming UIL district competition and it turns out that my students have dropped the ball. We have to show proof of their materials being published and meeting the category requirements and several of them don't have what they need. We've lost one of the major books we needed and it's not one that I can get from just any book store. Thankfully another school has a copy of it and they will bring to the competition. Then tonight I had to go to the bookstore to get another book for a student. One of my other students had to order a book from amazon and have it shipped overnight. Another one of the poems by this student can't be used at all since it's not published. I just don't know what to do about these students. If they get their butts kicked on Friday (as they should) maybe it will open their eyes.

So I came home from Amarillo this evening and I stopped at Walmart and got some bloody mary mix. I just finished it and I hope to sleep better tonight. Last night I went to bed around 9:15. I fell asleep quickly, but was awake at midnight and tossed until I got up at 2:15. I might have gone back to sleep around 3-something.

Well, I'm going to head to bed and try to get a decent night's sleep. Wish me luck.


Terri said...

no your expectations aren't too high; that seems like a easy and straightforward assignment. put it down to spring fever maybe? Good luck!

Leann said...

What is the age of the kids you're teaching? Sounds pretty straight forward to me also.

63mago said...

They can read, use a computer and press the print-button ... how much time for this? Anyway they should be capable of this task. Maybe they are just unmotivated, lazy or tired. That is normal. Anything is more important than Cuba when you are underage and not drinking smoking and well, nice ladies there ... later Cuba can become pretty interesting.

Cheryl said...

All of my daughter's teachers allow the students to turn in work late for full credit. I wish they held them accountable. No, I don't think your expectations are too high at all. I wish more teachers were like you.