Sunday, March 23, 2008

A cold Easter

At least it's not snowing.... yet. Last year it snowed on Easter. It is a bit chilly out there, however. Of course my new easter dress does not have sleeves. At least I had a sweater to wear with it. Last night's Easter Vigil service was wonderful as always. You know, I have people that comment on my other Catholic blog with negative remarks telling me how my faith is a cult, etc. I guess that is their right since I don't block comments, but I think it is a shame that they feel the need to do that. I don't seek out LDS, Muslim, or Jehova Witness blogs in order to tell them that I disagree with their choice of faith. I may not agree with other's choices in matters of religion, but it is not for me to put my judgmental thoughts on them. I applaud those that have a passion for whatever faith in which they participate.

I chose to become Catholic. I know many have issues with the Catholic faith, but regardless, it was still my choice. I didn't jump into it lightly saying a little prayer and then suddenly becoming Catholic. I discerned the teachings of the Church for six months before I contacted anyone in the church. I attended church for another six months before I started RCIA. I went through another 9 months in RCIA before I officially came into full communion with the Church.

And just so you know, I love my faith and my Church. It has become a substantial part of my life, just as one's religion should. I have had my dry spells where I'm not sure if I'm doing or following God's will, but regardless I still fully participate at Mass every Sunday. I have to say overall I am much happier with my life since becoming Catholic.

So Easter is a big deal. It makes for some late nights when you participate in all the days of Holy Week, but it has been worth it. Despite the Vigil Mass lasting 2 1/2 hours, time seemed to fly by. When you have all the music, the confirmation ceremony, the renewal of the Baptismal vows, it just seems to go by quickly. I am so thankful that we have an amazing choir director that puts together wonderful music programs for us. I'm glad that I am able to participate by both playing and singing.

This morning, Josh played the clarinet and I sang with the choir. After church we went to lunch at Feldman's and now I'm home. I'm seriously thinking about a nap. I'm meeting my friend Pam later for dinner and a drink before we have to go back to work. I've been watching what I eat for a little over a week now in hopes of losing some weight. Unofficially, I may have lost about 3 pounds. I'm not totally keeping track right now, I'm just going to see how it goes. I need to add exercise soon. Maybe I'll try to add that on the days I don't have something going on in the evenings.

Well, I'm going to rest and relax for a bit and not feel too guilty about not grading papers. Maybe I'll get myself to school early tomorrow. Or maybe not.


mapiprincesa! said...

A blessed Easter to you, Annabel!

Susan said...

I don't read your Catholic blog, but I can't believe people are nasty to you there. I totally don't understand what drives people to do that sort of thing, I mean, if you don't like what someone has to say, why read the blog??