Thursday, March 06, 2008

A surprise early night

It SNOWED (I mean really snowed) in Dallas today and everyone FREAKED OUT about it. I mean, it 's just snow people. We did start the tournament despite 4 area school dropping because my gosh it there is white stuff falling from the sky and how dare you go on with a tournament despite the other 185 schools that traveled to get there! We only had one round of debate and individual events and we were supposed to have two rounds of debate this evening. They're adjusting the schedule for tomorrow so it will be a surprise! We were able to leave by 8:30 this evening when normally we would be here until 10:30 so that was nice. We took the kids to McDonald's to eat and then got back to the hotel a little while ago. Driving today (direction-wise) was no problem. The only issue was driving in rain this morning and then slush tonight. Luckily we didn't have to be on any of the highways.

We went to the mall this morning and there wasn't a single bookstore in the mall! How dull! I did buy a shirt at Dillards and some soap at Bath and Body works. Tomorrow we are going to Borders though. Then we'll go to lunch and then back to the school at 1:30. I'm glad I have plenty of books to read. The nice thing about staying at Country Inn hotels is that they have books you can borrow and read and then turn in at another Country Inn.

Well, I'm exhausted so I'm going to head to bed and enjoy sleeping in tomorrow!


Caroline said...

That is a great idea about the books. And so nice!

It's raining here. Can I get the day off from work?

abbagirl74 said...

I heard Canton is getting a lot of snow. My dad was telling me about it. Be careful driving around, I know you will. Have a fantastic weekend and I hope your kids do well. Give Josh a good luck and hello from me!

Anonymous said...

That is a good idea from the hotel-enterprise.
No bookshop in the mall - strange. Have a good weekend and a safe return loaded with prizes!

Andrew said...

I got excited when I saw the word SNOW! Hope you are okay tonight and that the kids did well in their respective events. They are saying we might have some snow tonight, but with little to no accumulation. Get some rest tonight and now that your blog fans are rooting for you.

Leann said...

What a great idea on the books!! Amazing what a little frozen moisture will due huh? HA!