Thursday, March 20, 2008

Made back in one piece

It was a very long drive yesterday. I should have had Josh help, but I did all the driving myself. We took a different route in order to avoid the DFW metroplex since we would be driving through at lunch hour. It's nice to have a little variety when you're driving that much. Thankfully I'll get to be home for at least a couple of weeks. After we got home we had to go to music rehearsal for our Holy Week services. We were there until 9:45 and then I picked up some dinner.

I slept in this morning at least until the phone rang. Now I'm not sure what to do with myself. Of course the house needs to be cleaned. I'll try to start that at some point today - or this week.

We enjoyed the visit with my friend Kirsten and being on campus. I think Josh likes the university and will probably consider it as his school. I think the composition program is exactly what he needs and it will provide with a potential future in composition. I thought the composition teacher was very personable and helpful with the information we needed. I also liked the band director. They all seemed to love the university but they understood that we had not made a firm decision and encouraged us to look at other schools so that if/when we chose SFA that it would be the best choice. The campus was very nice with several new facilities that were very impressive. So we'll see what happens. The composition teacher indicated that he doesn't take every student that applies for composition, but hopefully with Josh's experience and the recommendations that he'll receive should be accepted. I think that would be the only thing that would prevent him from going to SFA. His passion is writing music and it would be pointless to go to a school where he couldn't pursue that career.

Well, I'm going to go read some blogs, make some lunch and then see if I talk myself into doing a little cleaning.


Andrew said...

So glad you're home!!! I know I gush in your comments, but your blog is one I read the longest. I found you when I found Prison Pete all those years ago. Glad Josh enjoyed the University. I did what y'all did when I was in high school and there is a funny story behind it. Remind me to tell you some day. Rest some, okay?

Anonymous said...

Good you are home well.
There needs some thinking applied, on pro and contra.