Saturday, March 08, 2008

No Breaks

The term "break" is used when a student makes it to an "out" round in competition. If they qualify for the quarter or semi-finals round then they say "I broke to quarters!" and such. Unfortunately, none of my students broke to quarters although it wasn't really expected. The competition is difficult here and they have a different style than we do in West Texas. So my kids are competing in consolation events this morning. I still have to work in the Tab room and stay through finals so they might as well stay busy.

The weather cleared up yesterday so there was no further panic. The tournament ran smoothly but today will be a little more stressful. For me, I just do my job and spend most of the time reading my book. Well, I gotta get hopping and get ready to go. It's an early morning for us. I really need to run to walmart and get me something warm. Despite the fact that it is no longer snowing, it is still cold here and where I am in the library, it is freezing. I should have brought my long johns. Should, woulda, coulda.

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