Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a bit out of sorts

I haven't been feeling very great the past two days. I've had some stomach issues and I just laid around almost all day yesterday. I wanted to do the same today, but I needed to go up to school. I stayed up late watching the Olympics last night and then was awakened by storms in the middle of the night. I still got up around 7:45 and got ready to head to Hereford. I made it there by 9:00 and got up to my room where I was completely overwhelmed. My stuff from the other room had been moved up and the room is jam packed with stuff. I should have taken a picture of it. Then I found out that they are still working on the roof over my storage and office area so I can't do anything in those areas. That means I can't really start unpacking and sorting things because my desk is currently buried under other furniture that has no place to go at this point. Potentially the roof work could be done by Friday (if it doesn't rain tomorrow) but it may be next week before it's done. Given the fact that our work days are tomorrow and Friday - that means I can't really get much done except working on my computer... if I can get hooked up to a printer somewhere. I'm going to have to spend a lot of extra time after school and on the weekend just to get ready. I also can't get computers moved into my room until everything in there is cleared off. It's very frustrating.
So today my editor and I turned tables and desks (which was difficult given the space issues) so that the front of the room is facing the other direction. We then moved a million business books to another storage area in the school. The teacher before me also taught business and she left a lot of materials in there taking up space that I could use. It was exhausting work. I went to the admin building to see if my laptop was ready and of course it still didn't have Windows installed. He assured me that he would get it done this afternoon. I told him I really needed it by tomorrow so I could get work done. I'll go by in the morning before school to pick it up. Around 2:00 I decided that there wasn't more I could do so I headed home very tired. I took a nap from 2:45 until almost 5:00. I finally got up and then went to the store since we were out of almost everything. $100 later, I came home and started dinner. I made the San Francisco chops recipe that Josh likes. It turned out more spicy than usual. I wasn't very hungry so I at 1/2 of one and then shared it with the animals.
Now I'm watching the Olympics and planning to retire early tonight... even though I do want to watch men's gymnastics. I'll watch part of it, but I have to go to bed early since tomorrow is an official day of work. So with that, I'll sign off and do some vegging here in my recliner.

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