Friday, August 01, 2008

Vacation Ending

I don't know if you really call this vacation. I didn't go anywhere for personal fun this summer. Oh sure, Vegas was nice, but it was still mostly a working trip. San Antonio was the same thing... very disappointing that I didn't get to ride any roller coasters this summer. But it's also nice to just sit and do nothing. Goal for this weekend: Clean house completely, including garage. (I did take "before" pictures... will post later today)

Yesterday I took Josh to the photography studio to have his senior pictures made. They're supposed to have the proofs available online sometime today. I can't believe it, but he actually smiled for the pictures... he usually goes for the serious look.
I have a meeting on Monday with my yearbook staff. Tuesday I'm babysitting for my brother starting in the evening through the following evening on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I have to be at registration in Hereford to hand out yearbooks. The next Monday I will be teaching the yearbook workshop and then I officially start back to school on the 14th for inservice days. I have to register for my grad school classes on the 18th and the first day of school is on the 25th for both the high school kids and myself for grad school. Things are going to get crazy really fast!!

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