Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Room in its current state

Pictures as promised. The first picture is of the storage area. The area in the bottom left corner used to be a huge air conditioning unit that was torn out over the summer. They are replacing the rotted out roof above this area. The open door leads to the classroom. This area is above the backstage area of the auditorium below. There's a ladder (that you can't see) on the right that goes up above the stage area so the stage lights can be changed.

This is what used to be the dark room. The shelves are covered in plastic as they are replacing the roof above this area as well. It will be great storage space once it's finished.

This is the view towards the back of the room. Stacked on the tables are the copies of the yearbooks that belong to the staff.

Another view towards the back of the room. The boxes in the back were from my other room and can't be unpacked yet. The previous teacher had the desks facing this way, but that didn't work for me since I need space at the front for presentations. My editor and I had to turn all the tables around.

This is the view towards the front of the room. I have a bunch of tables and desks and other furniture to sort through. I'm not sure what I want to keep at this point but I can't really decide and move anything around until I have the storage space and office area to use. The open area in the upper right is the office area where my desk will go and the open door beyond that goes to the large storage area from the first photo.

This view is outside my door to the hallway. There's a hallway leading to the main hallway. My room once upon a time many years ago was the school's library. It included this hallway and another classroom that is to the left of the hallway.


abbagirl74 said...

Just getting caught back up. You do have a lot to do still. Wow! The kid started school this past Thursday. He is loving most of his classes and teachers. Of course, his least favorite class has to be Language Arts. Go figure...

Leann said...

Wow, there's a lot of potential there once you can get what you don't want into the storage area. Can't wait for photos of the finished product!