Saturday, August 23, 2008

I really have to learn to say "no"

Maybe one of these days I'll learn that word... but it doesn't seem like it will be any time soon. This morning/afternoon I went to a local speech meeting. We had a couple of presentations this morning and then went to a restaurant in Amarillo for our business meeting. At the end of the business meeting we had elections and I found myself nominated and elected as the 2nd vice president of the group. That means I will be serving for the next three years... moving up to 1st VP and president consecutively. I'm indeed flattered by the fact that I was nominated and I won by acclimation as nobody else wanted the job. I just hope I can manage the responsibilities. I should have paid closer attention to the by-laws we went over today as the 2nd VP is a new position that was created.
After the meeting/lunch I went to the mall and got my haircut which has been long overdue. I tried to find new pair of pants for school but didn't have any luck. I then went to the teacher book store and got some posters and such for school. I then went to Hobby Lobby to get some beads for a new rosary. By then it was time for supper so I headed home and picked up McDonald's for Josh getting a small cheeseburger and salad for myself. Now I'm sitting in my recliner watching t.v. and thinking about going to bed early. Of course I always say that, but then I don't go to bed until several hours later.
Tomorrow will be church but I probably won't go until 11:15. I should go to the 8:30 service and then get to the school early to work in my room... we'll see if I can get up early enough. I have a lot of things I need to get ready and print for Monday in addition to setting up my room.
Well... I started this post a little after 7:00 tonight and now it's 9:43. I started chatting with Marty and then we watched a movie together. I know it seems corny but I like it when we're chatting online and we're watching the same thing. I know we're not officially in a relationship, but it's nice that we're making an effort to build something despite the distance.
Well, I'm really going to bed now.

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Leann said...

Sounds like you had a nice day.

Congrats on the VP position!!