Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Completely exhausted

I don't have the energy for small children. I went over to my brother's house around 3:00 p.m. yesterday. My sister was there and she and her husband decided to go out and go see the show TEXAS so I took over the babysitting officially around 6:00 p.m. that evening. I left around 5:15 to pick something up for dinner before they had to leave and then I called Marty to talk to him since I wouldn't be able to get online. We had a nice visit and then I picked up Taco Villa for dinner. (Yes, it is my weakness) I came back and took care of the kids which amounted to holding the baby, putting the baby in the non-walker type thing, chasing after the 18 month old, feeding the baby, more chasing, playing with the 18 month old, and on and on. The baby fell asleep around 10 but the 18 mo. old was up until 11:30 which was really late for him. I was up until 1:00 watching t.v. and then I tried going to bed. I might have gotten about 3 hours of intermittent sleep. The baby was up by 8:00 this morning and the other one was up by 8:30 and in a very cranky mood. My sister and her husband left around 11:00 and then I was on my own again. I fed the 18 mo. old lunch around 11:30 and got him down for a much needed nap by 12:30 or so. The baby went down for a nap around 12:00 but got up at 1:00 and then down again at 2:15 after another bottle. I was able to take a 30 minute doze on the couch before Timmy (18 mo) got up again around 3:00. I was anxiously awaiting my brother's sister-in-law's arrival which was around 5:00 this evening. I don't know how I survived as a single parent with a toddler. Josh wasn't as hyper and rambunctious as Timmy is, but geez... it wears you out!
There's no way I was going to make dinner after all that, so I picked up Wendy's for dinner. I came home a plopped in the recliner and ate my dinner, watched t.v. and talked with Marty online. So at least it was a very pleasant end to a very long day. We had a very good conversation tonight. It seems we're both in the same place as to where we might be headed, but the biggest concern is the distance right now... which is understandable. And that is a big issue that we really can't get around right now. So we're working on being friends (even there's really more there already) and see what happens. But there's a lot of people batting for us which is nice. I think deep down, he ultimately wants to be with me, but it's really just dealing with the distance and the next two years (or possibly four).
I have a very early day tomorrow and I'm already totally exhausted, so I'm headed to bed as soon as I hit "publish."


Terri said...

I remember those exhausting days...and I'm so glad I'm past them although I watch my two nephews every once in a while and they are busy bodies but so much fun.

Leann said...

I can so relate to your what a little age and time makes in our ability. If we had to do it day in and day out again, we could, we'd just be a lot more tired..LOL

It's nice to hear things are progressing nicely with Marty.